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The NYU Evening Evolution Group was formed in 2010 to promote interaction amongst those studying evolution at NYU. Now our community includes evolution researchers all across New York city and we host invited speakers from the greater mid Atlantic and New England areas.

Time and Place

We currently meet on THURSDAY (once or twice a month) during the academic year at 6:00 PM. Our location is the 8th floor seminar of the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at 12 Waverly Place.


Each week, one person hosts the discussion. They might present empirical data in a traditional seminar format, preliminary work or ideas for a developing project, new theory or critiques, or anything else topical to evolution. We encourage an informal tone with lots of discussion. We facilitate this with refreshments of the yeast and hops variety.

Join us

We are an open group and we would like you to join us! Please send an email to nyu.eve.evo.grp@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list, to request access to the building for a meeting, or to volunteer to speak in the series.

Current schedule

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Spring 2016- EEG is meeting on THURSDAY evenings this semester
February 18 - Liam Holt, NYU School of Medicine- "Using Ancestral Resurrection to Understand Kinase Regulation and Decode Cancer Mutations"
March 31 - Simon C. "Neils" Groen, NYU Biology- "Parallel evolution in insect adaptation to dietary toxins"
April 14 - Molly Schumer, Columbia University- "Using natural hybrids to explore the evolution of recombination in vertebrates"
April 28 - Jeremy Draghi, Brooklyn College-CUNY- "Unexpected dynamics in complex models of evolution"
May 12 - Eunsoo Kim, AMNH- "Evolution of Eukaryotic Photosynthesis"

Previous meetings

April 14 - Planning & Group Introductions
May 5 - Michael Purugganan, NYU Biology - "Is selection during domestication really strong? Clues from archaeology"

September 1 - Richard Borowsky, NYU Biology - "Evolutionary biology in cave fishes"
October 6 - David Gresham, NYU Biology - "What is the target of selection in the chemostat?"
November 3 - Tony Di Fiore, NYU Anthropology - "Molecular ecology of wild ateline primates"
December 1 - Naomi Ziv, NYU Biology - "Evolving evolvability or competing consequences"

February 3 (Thursday!) - MandÄ— Holford, CUNY-York & AMNH - "Biological and chemical diversity: Integrating phylogeny and anatomy to find novel bioactive compounds from marine snails"
March 2 - Edo Kussell, NYU Biology - "Aging in bacteria: An overview of experiments with some new ideas about the classical theory of age-structured populations"
April 6 - Matt Rockman, NYU Biology - "What are the alleles that matter for evolution?"
May 4 - Ulises Rosas, NYU Biology - "The next challenge for experimental biologists -- assays in natural environments"

September 6 - Jonathan Flowers, NYU Biology - "Selection without adaptation: are evolving genomes running on a treadmill?"
October 4 - Mike Hickerson, Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center - "In silica pulses of divergence and admixture"
November 1 - Mark Siegal, NYU Biology - "The robustness continuum"
December 6 - Patrick McGrath, Rockefeller University - "Evolution of chemoreceptors in Caenorhabditis nematodes"

February 7 - Roberto Bonasio, NYU Med - "What can ants teach us about epigenetics?"
February 21 - Andrew Kern, Rutgers - "Computational genomic screens for the targets of natural selection"
March 6 - Jon Wilkins, Ronin Institute - "Angel or Devil? Intragenomic conflict and the origin of self-defeating behavior"
March 20 - Brooks Miner, Cornell - "How Daphnia safely catch some rays: molecular mechanisms of adaptation to UV radiation exposure"
April 3 - Elliot Aguilar, Graduate Center, CUNY
April 17 - Scott Williams, NYU Anthropology - "Homology and homoplasy in hominoid evolution"
May 1 - Sergey Kryazhimskiy, Harvard - "Population subdivision and adaptation in asexual yeast populations"

September 4 - Joshua Bloom, Princeton - "Finding sources of missing heritability in a yeast cross"
September 18 - Vicky Cattani, NYU Biology - "The evolution of recombination in flies and worms"
October 2 - Dustin Brisson, UPenn - "Evolution and evolvability of antigenic variation in the Lyme disease bacterium"
October 16 - Jason Munshi-South, Baruch College & the CUNY Graduate Center - "Adaptive landscape genomics of white-footed mice in New York City"
November 6 - No meeting (Election Day!)
November 20 - Joy Reidenberg, Mount Sinai School of Medicine - "Why whales are wonderful"
December 4 - Frank Albert, Princeton - "The influence of genetic variation on protein translation and abundance"

January 22 - Adam Auton, Albert Einstein College of Medicine - "Recombination rate variation in mammalian genomes"
February 5 - Greg Lang, Princeton University - "Pervasive genetic hitchhiking and clonal interference in 40 evolving yeast populations"
February 19 - Christina Zakas, NYU Biology - "Evolution and maintenance of offspring dimorphism in the marine polychaete Streblospio benedicti"
March 5 - Eli Stahl, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai - "Inference of complex trait genetic architecture through polygenic analysis of case-control GWAS data"
March 19 - Jesse Lasky, Columbia University - "The role of transcriptional plasticity in local adaptation to climate by Arabidopsis thaliana"
April 2 - Stephane Boissinot, Queens College, CUNY - "The evolution and impact of transposable elements in vertebrate genomes"
April 16 - Elinor Karlsson, Broad Institute - "Dissecting complex phenotypes in dogs as a model for human disease"
April 30 - Alison Sweeney, UPenn - "More than just pretty colors: giant clams, iridescence, and the biophotonic inspiration for new photovoltaic devices"
May 14 - Roman Yukilevich, Union College - "The Evolution of Sexual Isolation in Drosophila: Why sympatry breeds contempt and who is to blame?"

September 17 - Rachel Meyer, NYU Biology - "Touring the patterns of world food crop evolution"
October 1 - Joyce Kao, USC - "Investigation of reproductive barriers in a hybrid zone of Drosophila melanogaster"
October 15 - Rob Unckless, Cornell - "The genetic architecture of diet by immune interaction in Drosophila"
Novermber 5 - David Aylor, NC State - "Genetic reproductive incompatibilities in mice"
Novermber 19 - Eimear Kenny, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai - "Leveraging population structure for discovering disease loci"
December 3 - Cesar Arenas-Mena, CSI/CUNY - "Function and evolution of gene regulatory networks and multipotency in marine invertebrate embryos"
December 17 - Ron Ellis, Rowan University - "The evolution of self-fertility in nematodes"

January 14 - Andrew Burrell, Molecular Anthropology, NYU - Museum Specimens and Population Genomics
February 4 - Tony Wilson, Brooklyn College - Sexual Selection and the Evolution of the Major Histocompatibility Complex
February 18 - Barbara Ambrose, The New York Botanical Garden - The Evolution and Development of Leaves
March 4 - Duygu Ozpolat, University of Maryland - Strategies of Germline Maintenance and Regeneration in the Annelid Pristina leidyi
March 18 - Brenna Henn, Stony Brook University - Distance from Sub-Saharan Africa Predicts Mutational Load in Diverse Human Genomes
April 1 - Elizabeth Alter, York College, CUNY - The Evolution of Phenotypic Convergence in Mastacembelid Eels of the Lower Congo River
April 15 - Daniel Matute, University of Chicago - The Genetic Architecture of Hybrid Inviability in Drosophila

September 17 - Weigang Qui, Hunter College, CUNY - "Analysis of genome-wide SNPs in microbial pathogens: promises and challenges"
October 1 - Alberto Stolfi, NYU Biology - "Identical cardiopharyngeal lineages and expression patterns conceal developmental system drift in ascidian evolution"
October 22 - Anne Plessis, NYU Biology - "Summer is coming: modeling the effect of weather on gene expression to understand the environmental adaptation of rice"
November 5 - Tuuli Lappalainen, New York Genome Center and Columbia University - "Functional variation in the human genome: lessons from the transcriptome"
November 19 - Deniz Erezyilmaz, Stony Brook - "The genetic basis of adaptation and isolation in Drosophila sibling species"
December 3 - Sam Diaz-Munoz, NYU Biology - "The Evolution of Viral Social Interactions"

January 21 - Kjong Lehmann, Memorial Sloan-Kettering - "Functional variant prediction using learning and mapping strategies"
February 11 - Pip Coen, Princeton University - "Sensory-driven modulation of song structure and amplitude in Drosophila melanogaster"
February 25 - Martina Bradic, NYU - "Population genomics of drug resistance in the sexually transmitted human parasite Trichomonas vaginalis"
March 4 - Christopher (Casey) Brown, University of Pennsylvania - "Allele specific regulatory activity and its application to disease"
April 1 - Erika Crispo, Pace University - "The 'Omics of adaptation to hypoxia in African cichlid fish"
April 15- Noah Greenstein - "Relativism, Causality and Natural Selection"
May 6- Kevin Chen, Rutgers University - "Using chromatin and non-coding RNAs to interpret nicotine addiction GWAS"

September 16 - Sally Warring, NYU Biology- "Transposable element control in a parasite: how a novel species of small RNA regulates global gene expression in Trichomonas vaginalis"
September 30 - Priya Moorjani, Columbia University- "Dating ancient human samples using the recombination clock"
October 21 - Gregory Davis, Bryn Mawr- "The optimization of optional sex: the mechanism and evolution of reproductive polyphenism in aphids"
November 4 - Jon Wilkins, Ronin Institute- "Survival of the Curviest: Phenotypic Noise and the Evolution of Epistasis in Complex Disease"
November 18 - Champak Reddy, CUNY City College- "Approximate likelihood inference of complex population histories using multiple whole genome sequences"
December 2 - Beth Dumont, North Carolina State University- "The Meiotic Function and Evolution of Mammalian Pseudoautosomal Regions"
December 16 - Rafael Maia, Columbia University- "Integrating development, constraints and selection in the study of avian color diversification"


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